OWM Series
WMA Series
Mini Satellite Wall Speaker

Perfect for home and commercial audio applications where sound and size matter. Big enough performance for use as a satellite speaker for an awe-inspiring home theater system or the ideal choice for larger scale distributed commercial audio applications. Manufactured for long life and quality performance, WMA Series use a strong ABS enclosure, infinitely adjustable ball-joint mount, phoenix speaker connector, and a smooth sounding paper cone woofer that delivers rich full sound.

OWM Series
HYE Series
Bass Reflex Wall Speaker

Not satisfied with the bass performance of your home wall mounted speaker? Trying to find a budget-friendly wall mounted speaker that could enhance bass reflex for excellent sound performance while at the same time resisting humidity while delivering pristine highs. Embrace our new HYE Series-Economy Bass Reflex Wall Mounted Speakers. Combined with durable material, tuned port and full-motion swivel bracket, this HYE Series is sure to meet all your demands for a cost-effective bass speaker. You won’t want to miss it !