LUMI AUDIO was established in 2008 as a sourcing partner to strategic customers — working to reduce overall purchasing costs while improving quality, streamlining logistics, and consolidating products from multiple sources throughout China. As the business evolved, LUMI AUDIO added the internal engineering staff and design teams that would allow the company to further expand as a provider of OEM and ODM audio products specific to our customer's requirements. We continue to add resources to LUMI AUDIO as we expand our line of audio products that are feature driven, value priced, and unique to the audio industry.



At LUMI AUDIO, our mission is to provide the customer with excellent sounding, quality products combined with great prices, innovative design, using the latest technology.  

Today, LUMI AUDIO has matured into a professional supplier of audio products and accessories with the in-house expertise to design and manufacture virtually any audio product including amplifiers, speakers, and accessories.

LUMI AUDIO offers products for both the home and commercial markets including in-wall, ceiling, on-wall, outdoor, home, marine speakers and amplifiers that incorporate the latest streaming technologies including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless audio. LUMI AUDIO continues to look forward and strives to develop new products while improving existing ones. In addition, LUMI AUDIO continues to assist customers in reducing logistics and shipping costs by consolidating purchases sourced from China. 

LUMI AUDIO owns and operates two factories that incorporate advanced quality assurance processes and are managed by a team of professional engineers and experienced staff. When you choose LUMI AUDIO for your OEM and ODM projects our team of professionals is working directly for you. So, if you've been looking for a reliable, professional, and experienced supplier of audio products, give LUMI AUDIO a try.  

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