6.5” Angled Woofer Classic Frameless Ceiling Speaker

13 Degree Angle for the Bass Driver + Pivoting Tweeter for Placement Flexibility


The FLC-6I is an angled ceiling speaker that is the perfect choice for home theater installations or where a more customized approach to listening experience is desired. A high quality 6.5" Woven Glass Fiber cone woofer and a 0.75" titanium dome tweeter in co-axial arrangement work together for the ultimate in sound reproduction. The speaker’s 13 degree angle is designed for directing the sound towards your listening area. Only Woven Glass Fiber cones can ensure high-quality, long-lasting sound that will bring movie action and music vocals to life. A high-grade rubber surroundadds the final touch allowing for true audio accuracy and an overall quality built to last. Its frameless design and swing-out dog legs combine to make installation quick and easy. The overall design integrates perfectly with most any interior style.

5.25" Indoor / Outdoor 2-Way Wall Speaker