Class AB Advanced Bluetooth Tube Amplifier with Coaxial/Optical Inputs and Bass Output

Aesthetic Design Combined with Excellent Sound Performance


The lights go off and from across the room a soft warm glow emanates from the AMP-T150. Will it be Soft Jazz, Classical Piano, or an evening of Bob Seger? Whatever your mood or taste, the AMP-T150 is your capable guide to better sound and performance. A quick Bluetooth connection lets you surf from the convenience of your couch, while the combination of two 6N1 and two 6P1 tubes provide a smooth yet powerfully clean 2 x 25 watts - enough to provide a full sound stage for the most discriminating listener. The multiple inputs and controls allow you to optimize and tailor your listening experience to the way you like it. Your ears won’t be the only part of you that’s attracted to the AMP-T150, the enclosure and design accents are meant to please the eye. An escape like this has never been more affordable. Contact LUMI Audio today, for the ultimate audio get-away.

5.25" Indoor / Outdoor 2-Way Wall Speaker