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Generally speaking, as people prepare for the summer months outdoor audio products return to high popularity every spring, and naturally the demand for outdoor speakers follow. However, as most consumers have been homebound, the demand for outdoor audio continued to increase without the normal seasonal trend. From porch to patio and pool, there are different audio product choices in landscape.

Key Aspects of this product category 

speaker application icon Speaker Applications

Outdoor speakers come in a variety of styles - and that’s primarily due to the application that the speaker was designed for.  Some designs are beautiful and others are easier to conceal. Some appear to be furniture or a part of the garden, while others are hidden among the vegetation. So, when the music starts, it can be heard from the plants, the ground, the landscape decorations, and everywhere else!  Creating a well-balanced and enjoyable musical experience.

alt-outdoor garden speakers

sound quality icon Sound Quality

Sound quality is no doubt an important consideration in this category product selection.Unlike the indoor counterparts that sound can be contained and reflected, outdoor speakers must contend with various unexpected noise such as barking and traffic. So, if you want to sell your consumers the products deliver the best sound quality, you need to think about the most space fill cases and determine the right cone size and wattage. The larger the cone is, the more bass! Wattage is determined by the power output of amplifier, outdoor wattage ranges from 60 watts to 300 watts. Bigger wattage can improve not only the potential volume but the sound quality and coverage at lower volumes. 


Bluetooth  Bluetooth

Streaming audio offers the ability to listen to music in the great outdoors without the hassle of having to run power or speaker wires underground or around garden elements. Some outdoor speakers incorporate Bluetooth functionality with an internal amplifier, providing everything needed to build an outdoor audio system that’s simple and easy.  Bluetooth also offers the ability to control the music selection from the comfort of a poolside bench, patio chair or even in the jacuzzi!


ip Durability

The durability of speaker used outdoors is rated using a system called the IP (Ingress Protection) scale.  Products are tested for their resistance to rain, humidity, snow, and dust and assigned an IP number that corresponds with the test results. Obviously, outdoor speakers that are directly subjected to weather elements should be weather-proof, while other speakers that may not have direct exposure (such as under awning or eave mounted speakers) do not necessarily have to pass such stringent weather element testing.

alt-Garden speaker with good IP

image.png Construction

Materials selected and used in the production of outdoor speakers also vary greatly from conventional indoor speakers. This can include waterproof connectors, UV surface treatment and polypropylene speaker cones. Making sure a speaker is bug, water, dust and moisture resistant requires upgraded materials and sealants to ensure long-term performance in outdoor settings.

lumiaudio Hot Sellers

Despite the fact that many end-users want outdoor audio products, they may first replace them with indoor alternatives because they are unaware of the quality, construction and testing differences (as mentioned above) between outdoor and indoor speakers. Also, outdoor speaker products may be a little more expensive than standard speakers used in home audio listening. So, it’s important that products perform and be priced properly for the market that is looking to outdoor audio products. LUMI AUDIO’s outdoor speakers offer substantial value and performance for a value conscious customer. Below are some of the best-selling outdoor products available at LUMI AUDIO. Check them out and put them into your line for your target market now!

6.5'' Coaxial Satellite Landscape Speakers (Pair)

6.5'' Coaxial Satellite Landscape Speakers (Pair)

Woofer Type: Polypropylene Cone

Tweeter Type: Silk Dome

IP Level: IP66

image.png ( Meet GSP-6E)

Omni-Directional In-Ground Speaker

5.25" Omni-Directional In-Ground Speaker

Woofer Type: Polypropylene Cone

Tweeter Type: Titanium Dome

IP Level: IP56

image.png ( Meet OGS-5)

Bluetooth High Performance Weather-Resistant Wall Speaker

6.5" Bluetooth High Performance Weather-Resistant Wall Speaker 

Woofer Type: Polypropylene Cone

Tweeter Type: Titanium Dome

Amplifier Output Power: 2x30W/8Ω

Wireless Connection System: Bluetooth V5.0

Power Supply: AC 100~240V

IP Level: IP65

image.png ( Meet OWM-6BT)

Bluetooth Garden Speaker

Bluetooth Garden Speaker

Woofer Type: Polypropylene Cone

Tweeter Type: Mylar Cone

Amplifier Output Power: 2x30W/8Ω

Wireless Connection System: Bluetooth V4.1

Power Supply: DC 24V/2.5A

IP Level: IP56

image.png ( Meet OGT-6BT)