How to Install an In-Ceiling Speaker


Apart from being stylish, the in-ceiling speaker has many other benefits such as saving space, avoiding messy of wires, and providing a tremendous surround audio performance.

Using the 6.5'' 2-way ceiling speaker FLC-6 as an example, let's talk about how to install the in-ceiling speakers.

Before we start the actual installation, there are a few materials and tools needed to prepare for the installation.
•    Speakers and cables
•    A cardboard template (usually come with speaker)
•    A pair of goggles (to prevent dust from coming into eyes)
•    A pencil
•    A screwdriver
•    A keyhole saw or utility knife
•    A stud finder (to make sure that there is no live wires or studs in)
•    A ladder (if needed)
•    Wire cutters and pliers (to strip the wires)

Step 1: Choose an ideal placement location

Firstly, choose an ideal placement location and draw around the template supplied with the speaker to mark the cut-out size. When picking the location, be aware to avoid studs or ceiling joists, and not to damage any electrical wires. You can't move speaker around once it is installed into the ceiling, for this reason, always take time to double check the installation position. In addition, it is important to plan before installation according to the different listening demands.

Step 2: Cut the hole

Once determined the location, cut through the ceiling around the marked line. Using a keyhole saw to cut all the way around and remove the area of drywall or sheetrock carefully. Again, we need to do the double check before you start drilling or cutting. Here is a tip for you, remember to cut inside the lines, for we can always make the hole bigger, but never make it smaller. Test to make sure the speaker fits in the hole, if not, cut again.

Step 3: Connect speaker wires and install

Next, connecting the speaker cables to the speaker terminals. Simply hook the red wire to the red terminal and the black wire to the black terminal (positive to positive, negative to negative), then we've got the speaker connected. After that, put the speaker into the hole, using a screwdriver to tighten the screws, which holds the dog-leg brackets. And once tightened, these dog-leg brackets will clamp around the wall to hold the speaker securely in place.

Step 4: Aim Tweeter direction and replace the magnetic grill

After installation the ceiling speaker, the only thing we got to do is to tilt the direction of the tweeter to the listening position. And then just apply the magnetic grill which comes with the speaker to prevent dust from the speaker.
Now all the installation has completed, we can just sit and enjoy the exceptional audio performance of the ceiling speaker.

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