5 Back-to-School Audio Supplies for Students


It's late August already, which means the new school year is coming around the corner. Whether it's the first year or back to school for another year, there is one thing to look forward to – shopping for the new school supplies. A life without music is a pretty dull one. In addition to the essential supplies like backpacks, pens, and notebooks, we've made a list of fun and inspiring audio gear from LUMIAUDIO to help boost productivity and creativity.

1. HiFi Bookshelf Speaker

When it comes to the compact bookshelf or desktop speakers that sound great, the BK series can be a good reputation. With multi-enclosure options, it is designed to deliver crisp and vibrant room-filling sound. Additionally, the crossover has been revised to take advantage of a larger cabinet volume to enhance sensitivity and bass extension, with a focus on the power-to-size ratio. You can immerse yourself fully into the movie soundtracks or music with the slim-line bookshelf speakers – BK series.


2. Wi-Fi Audio Adapter

Wi-Fi streaming receiver is not something new, which allows amplifiers and distributed sound systems to stream music over a wired or wireless network connection. It is an excellent solution to stream music to any audio device or to create a wireless distributed music system, all with an easy-to-use app – Smart Sonix. It brings your home audio experience into the future with Wi-Fi technology for music streaming. You can control favorite music all with the phone or tablet on your hand.

3. Multi-room Music system

The multi-room music system is all the rage in recent years. It allows music transport all around the house, and users can play different songs in separate rooms, or play the same song in the different zones. Taking the Wi-Fi ceiling speaker WSP-6S as an example, it consists of an active speaker and a slave speaker, which makes it easy to add multiple zones of Wi-Fi streaming music in your house.

4. Wall-Mounted Speaker

If you want to get accurate sound, the wall-mounted speakers is a good option due to it can be placed approximately at the ear level. Designed for indoor audio applications, the powered indoor wall speaker HYF Series provides directional sound for a reinforcement speaker system with convenient adjustable wall mounts. While, high-performance wall speaker OWM Series with the weather-resistant feature, is great for high-humidity areas, including patio, balcony, backyard, etc.

5. Soundbar

Designed with a slim profile, the full-featured, easy-to-use soundbar - SBA-40 provides balanced audio and deep bass for your movies, music, and video games. The detachable soundbar offers multiple installation options, which is widely used as Center-Channel speaker, satellite speaker, bookshelf speaker, and surround speaker. What's more, with its built-in Bluetooth, it is convenient to stream audio from the smartphone or tablets on your hand.


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