Take Your Music Outside with Good Outdoor Speakers


Nothing is better than enjoy summertime outdoor like a backyard, patio, deck, or swimming pool, that is full of great food and adorable music with family and friends together. If you want to host a perfect party outdoor, you'll need these good outdoor speakers from LUMIAUDIO.

There are many options for the outdoor speakers from LUMIAUDIO, one of our best pick is the landscape satellite speakers – GSP Series. The coaxial designed landscape satellite speaker has the audio performance you need with the durability of withstanding some of the harshest that Mother Nature can dish out. In addition to the excellent performance, the unobtrusive design of the speaker blends into any garden, backyard, or other outdoor areas neatly. Moreover, by adding the IP65-rated waterproof subwoofer GSSUB-10 to the outdoor audio system, you’ll get the tight, accurate bass outdoor. It delivers realistic lows and bass effects, making the sound system perfect for outdoor listening and movie-watching experience.

Some of the outdoor speakers can wirelessly stream music through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop - that is the wall speaker OWM-6BT. Made of a 6.5'' polypropylene cone woofer and a 1'' titanium dome tweeter, it delivers deep clear bass with dulcet and pristine highs. Furthermore, combined with rust-resistant aluminum grill and bracket dual-axis mounting solution, it not only can use for a long life but also allow a range of rotations of 90° vertical and 170° horizontal. Besides, the powerful built-in amplifier provides power to a secondary passive speaker. However, best of all, featuring Bluetooth function, it allows playing sound through audio source wirelessly.


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Rock speaker – the outdoor speaker not only can offer a powerful and clear sound but also blend well into the scenic beauty. As the name implies, it looks like rocks, that are specially designed to be placed in the backyard, garden, park, or patio. Quality materials offer an all-weather IP56-rated enclosure that is perfect for year-round outdoor conditions. What's more, one of the garden rock speakers, OGT-6BT also features Bluetooth function, allowing wirelessly streaming audio paired up quickly to any Bluetooth enabled device. 


Similar to rock speakers, outdoor in-ground speaker OGS Series providing exceptional omnidirectional sound, is widely used in the outdoor area. Every aspect of the garden speaker is designed for exterior use – it has the green and black two color options, which is designed to blend in with the lawn or shrubs. Moreover, the dustproof and water-resistant IP-rated design is perfect for long-lasting performance and durability in the high humidity area. Again, the in-ground speakers also have the Bluetooth version


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