Something You Should Know Before Purchasing A Loudspeaker


When selecting high-quality loudspeakers, the first thing to consider is the budget and where you want to set up. Then decide what type of speaker you want based on the usage scenario, for example, in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, subwoofer, bookshelf, satellite, and outdoor speaker. After that, search online or walk into a shop to find out the brand, style and sound quality you like.

In-ceiling Speakers
Just as the name implies, it can be Installed into the ceiling which will save floor or wall space and reduce clutter. It may come in small size, but with powerful sound. Usually, in-ceiling speakers are used as surround sound speakers. There are many factors to think about when choosing a ceiling speaker, for instance, room size, room humidity, speaker size, speaker type, frequency, and impedance, etc. A small and wet room like bathroom do well in just one single stereo speaker and the speaker with water-resistance ability. It is worth noting that installation is a little bit complicated, you may need professional installation.


In-wall Speakers
Similar but different from the in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers are installed into the wall, which provide excellent sound performance without cluttering your room. It can be used for a TV surround sound system, as which can be installed at listener's height and often features swiveling tweeters that let you direct the high frequencies toward the user's ears. Same as the in-ceiling speaker, the in-wall speakers also need professional installation.


A subwoofer delivering low-frequency sound range is necessary when comes to a home theater setup. Adding a subwoofer to your audio system brings theater-like sound experience. Its typical frequency range is about 20-200Hz, which can produce deep and strong bass. Subwoofers come in different types, and the most common one is an unpowered subwoofer which lacks a built-in amp as a power source. Another common type is ready-made subwoofers, which has a built-in amp, so you won't have to hook up speaker wires, but to install a patch cord.


Satellite Speakers
Satellite speakers typically refer to tiny speakers that used as part of 2.1 subwoofer speaker system. It can be flexibly located and installed in almost any place around your home or office. It's perfect for home and commercial audio applications where sound and size matter. Some of the satellite speakers are even waterproof that allow using outside.


Bookshelf Speakers
A bookshelf speaker is a compact speaker that usually is placed on a bookshelf, tabletop or other flat surfaces – but not the floor. It is generally set up as a part of the home theater system, and typically for the side, back and sometimes front and center channels.


Outdoor Speakers
Comparing to an indoor speaker, the outdoor speaker is made to deliver a much higher volume level to a broad area, like the backyard, garden, or even pool patio. Thus, bass on an outdoor speaker is usually built into the enclosure of the speaker. Furthermore, the outdoor speaker is more durable and waterproof due than the indoor speaker, since they are mostly under the sunlight and moisture conditions.

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