OWM Series
OGT Series
Granite Rock Patio Speaker

Use for Home/Business/Office Outdoor Décor: Back Yard Decor and Entertainment, Sunrooms, Atriums, Decks, Pool, Spa

OWM Series
GSP Series & GSSUB-10
Discreet Landscape Speaker

More and more people are bringing their listening enjoyment outdoors. From parties, to relaxing nights in front of a crackling fire pit, the GSP Series & GSSUB-10 outdoor garden speaker have the audio performance you need with the durability of surviving even the harshest elements that Mother Nature can dish out. The unobtrusive design of the GSP Series blends neatly into any garden, backyard, patio, or poolside area. You’ll experience realistic lows, accurate bass and warmth to the music you listen to whether you’re gardening or cannon-balling into the pool. With thrilling lows and quality audio performance the GSP Series & GSSUB-10 are the ultimate companion for an evening of movie watching outdoors! With this Audio Speaker System, not only will you be listening to your music outdoors, you’ll soon be the envy of the neighborhood too!