6.5" 2-Way Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker

Multi-Room Audio System: Synchronize and Customize Audio in Multiple Rooms


WiFi based audio allows for total control of your listening experience, from whole house or zoned audio, you can create a customized audio environment tailored to your needs. Best of all, the control is the smart phone in your hand. The WSP-6 incorporates the latest Class D amplifier and WiFi technology available today. The WSP-6 can be used as a single source (L/R stereo) speaker or can be used as a Master/Slave configuration by adding a secondary passive speaker. To set-up and take control, simply download the free iOS and Android SmartSonix APP. Using the SmartSonix APP the WSP-6 Ceiling Speaker can be set to operate in whatever manner or environment that best suits your needs and can access music sources including popular online streaming APPS or a local music library. Users can “hand off” control of the audio source to let someone else select and operate music content. The 6.5’’ 2-Way Woven Glass Fiber WiFi Ceiling loudspeaker delivers incredible stereo Hi-Fi sound that rivals speakers costing hundreds of dollars more. Quality sound, quality construction, and versatility—all at an affordable price. Everything today’s consumer is searching for.

5.25" Indoor / Outdoor 2-Way Wall Speaker