• OWS Series Weatherproof Wall Speaker
    For clean, modern styling and amazing high fidelity performance look to the OWS Series speakers. Available with variable voltage taps for commercial applications or as a Master/Slave package with Bluetooth streaming audio.
    OWS Series,Weatherproof Wall Speaker
  • OWM Series Weatherproof Wall Speaker
    The OWM Series is for the customer looking for an indoor/outdoor speaker solution that provides versatile mounting adjustments with proven audio performance now with Bluetooth for even more versatility. Great for patio, porch, or decks.
    OWM Series,Weatherproof Wall Speaker
  • PBL Series Super Thin Design Wall Speaker
    Limited on space or simply looking for an aesthetically pleasing yet unobtrusive speaker? The PBL Series offer thin designs without sacrificing listening experience.
    PBL Series,Super Thin Design Wall Speaker
  • HYS Series Wall Mount Speaker
    Wall mount speaker usually be used in education facility.
    The weather-resistant design makes the speaker ideal for permanent or temporary outdoor use.
    HYS Series,Wall Mount Speaker
  • HYC Series Wall Speaker
    Our most affordable line of indoor/outdoor speakers – a great choice for the commercial installer or for budget-minded installations.
    HYC Series,Wall Speaker
  • HYB Series Wall Mount Speaker
    Compact, discreet, reliable and easy to install.
    Run your line source cables to only one location, for the speaker pair.
    HYB Series,Wall Mount Speaker